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More than 40 years on nanotechnologies

A research on thin films of GaSe, for the realization of "Read Only Memories" (ROM), was the birthplace of the ThiFiLab.

The realization of the first CdS/CuGaSe2-based solar cell, with photovoltaic conversion efficiency of 5%, was published in Applied Physics Letters.

All thin-film solar cells, deposited on low cost substrates, have been developed; the studied materials are: II-VI (CdTe-CdS-ZnTe-ZnSe), chalcopyrites (CuInGaSe2-CIGS) and related compounds.

CdTe and CIGS thin films solar cells on soda-lime glass with efficiencies greater than 15% were realized.

The realization of a fully automated production line of large monolithic photovoltaic modules, based on the CdTe/CdS technology. (Arendi S.p.A.)

IThe "Industry 2015" project is realizing CIGS/CdS-based solar cells on commercial ceramic tiles (BIPV).

New thin film PV materials, CZTSSe - Laser Scribing technology.